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Social security

Social security has become free for everyone, regardless of your age. However, you will have to pay for the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC), which costs 90 €.

After your payment, a certificate will be sent to you, which must be presented during your university registration.


Health insurance

The health insurance is an organization that is responsible for paying you back after a medical consultation, in case the social security does not support your entire visit. The subscription costs about 30 € per month. It is strongly recommended to subscribe one, especially if you have a weak health. There are several:

Where to see a doctor on campus ?

University Service of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion (SUMPPS)

6a rue du Recteur Marcel Bouchard

21000 Dijon
03 80 39 51 53


Free consultations. Personalized advice, health questions, a team of doctors, nurses, social workers is present to help you conduct your studies in the best possible conditions.